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Our Story

The Vision

Teddy’s vision is simple. We believe like our namesake, Theodore Roosevelt, that hard work and toil in what you choose to do is worth the sacrifices. We desire to bring about great craft brews, great atmosphere, and simple foods done well – all in order to allow others to gather in fellowship and enjoy life.

The Building

The building was built in 1881 by Robert Hurlbut and at that time housed a bank, post office and hardware store. It served as such until 1904 when it was purchased by the Weakley Watson Hardware company and remained under Weakley Watson Ownership until 2018. Under the Weakley Watson name, it was known as the oldest hardware and gun store in Texas history. Pecan Bayou Enterprises (PBE) LLC, the new owner, has applied for historic landmark registration via the National Parks and Texas Historical Association. PBE LLC is proud to renovate this property under historic guidelines and believes in keeping the historic property alive for all to enjoy. This area was once a major commerce hub and such businesses were certainly part of Brownwood’s past successes. Now a Craft Brewery known as Teddy’s Brewhaus, we are proud to continue a new chapter of innovation in Brownwood, Texas and help in revitalizing downtown for locals and visitors alike.